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Hiking and trekking in Morocco

Morocco is a dazzling ...dazzle the eyes, heart , soul .Like so many others before you , you will leave with these images that we would like frozen for eternity because they meet our dreams, our aspirations or some idea of ​​escape.

At least 3 hours of flight from Europe , the beautiful scenery, friendly people , unspoiled nature and sites of dreams await you: sea, mountain, desert , imperial cities steeped in history, kasbah and adobe villages rhythmsmillennia , few countries concentrate such a choice of destinations as exotic and captivating .


Our teams will be a real encounter with those who do all the charm and magic of Morocco , men , women and children who live there.No meeting planned or on order but a discovery by smooth paths preserved everything that the soul of Morocco.


Founders : Moroccancircuit

We are a group of mountain guides from the High Atlas Berber central Graduate Training Centre For trades Mountain.
Qualified mountain guides, sports and adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts, respectful of nature and the environment.
After a long experience with international agencies, the men on the ground can provide you with skills to guide their human quality and expertise, they are responsible for ensuring the success of your stay in the best of course and safety.


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 Mohamed Youssef Said


And Also a professional network :

Cooks: they will mitonneront good food , sunny with spices that make their food so tasty .A more critical to your ride.They will also customize the menus for children.

Muleteers , camel drivers : Few people speak ( English or French) .But their kindness, sense of sharing, music in the evening , make you communicate well with them.They are farmers, shepherds or nomads, often married and fathers.Accompany them walks is to work extra important.

They are loyal and motivated teams that will make your trip a success!