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Practical information

Practical information for your trip


  • The bags are always transported by pack mules , camels or assistance vehicles .
  • Participants include only personal belongings for the day ( water , camera ...).

Visas and formalities

  • Passeport

Passport valid for French, Belgian or Swiss , valid for at least three months after the date of entry into Moroccan territory.For other nationalities , check with the consulate or embassy.

If you are traveling with your children , know that now , minors , regardless of age, must also have an individual passport.

A minor traveling alone did not need permission to leave the country if an individual passport.

  • Visas

No visa for French citizens Belgian or Swiss , for a stay of less than three months.For other nationalities , check with the consulate or embassy.


Berber and Arabic, French is a common language and English spoken by the elite.


The unit of currency is the Moroccan dirham (DH), divided into 100 centimes. The import and export of Moroccan currency is prohibited. Traveler's checks and credit cards accepted almost everywhere, are the means of payment safer. In hotels, banks' subsidiaries offer their services 24 hours 24. Receipt exchange is essential to sell its dirhams. One Euro is equivalent to approximately 10.50 Dirhams.

Do not change money in the streets is illegal. You have any interest to go through the banks or authorized (with a golden sign). They do not take commission and deliver a note which will be necessary at the end of your stay, to convert your remaining Dirhams in original currency.


The importation of articles for personal use is not taxed .In addition, it is allowed to import 1 liter of spirits or wine, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 400g of tobacco.People aged over 17 years may , without paying customs duties, carry in their country of origin one liter of alcohol , 2 liters of wine and gifts with a total value of 200 CHF or 175 euros.

Local Hour:

Time of Greenwich (GMT) prevails in Morocco .Compared to the time in Western Europe , you must remove one hour in winter and two hours in summer.

Opening Hours:

Banks are open Monday to Thursday from 8:15 to 11:30 and 14:15 to 16:30 Friday from 8:15 to 11:15 and 2:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m..

Post offices are open Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30, Friday 8:30 to 11:30 and 15:00 to 18:30.

Sunday, day of rest, most shops remain closed. They are open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 and 14:30 to 18:30. However, in the bazaars, traders often stay open later in the evening, even on Sunday.


In restaurants, it is customary to leave a tip for our team at least 20 euros per person, to give a little plusau Cook is a 10% tip .The hotel staff (porters, restroom attendants) also expect to receive between 1 and 3 Euros.


A trip to Morocco requires no special vaccination. However, vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, polio, hepatitis A and typhoid is recommended. It is advisable to eat peeled and cooked and avoid dishes offered by vendors. Medical care quality in cities and tourist centers. In hotels, we can help you find a doctor. Regulation of medical treatment is done on site. It is therefore advisable to check if you are covered by their own health insurance.

Tourism fair, shared resources...

Our teams are made ​​up exclusively of local guides whatsoever , people renting rooms , the camel drivers , cooks and their remuneration is equitable manner.Without claiming humanitarian , we provide the regions crossed one significant source of income and ask our customers to bring clothes , medicines and supplies to villagers

Berbers and Tamazight:

      The Berbers are currently present in ten countries across North Africa (Tamazgha), Sahara, Sahel. All ethnic groups refer to as Imazighen (plural of "Amazigh" means "free man"). It is in Algeria (including the Kabyle) and Morocco found the largest populations. In Morocco, the Berbers are divided into three major language groups covering the major mountain areas:North in the Rif Mountains talking Tarifit - In the center, iddle and part of the High Atlas Tamazight is spoken;  In the south and southwest, High Atlas and Anti Atlas, one speaks tachelhit (chleuh field).

Denote by both Tamazight Berber language (including a set of three dialects above, the Kabyle, Tuareg ...) and the dialect of central Morocco.

Berber flag existed since 1998, it consists of three horizontal stripes: - The first is the blue mediterranean sea and bounding the Berber country north and west - The second, green, evokes nature and the green mountains - the third, yellow for desert sand. The red color of blood to symbolize life, but also the strength of the letter Z alphabet Tifinagh. In ethnic Berbers, Tuaregs speak Tamashek, have singularities, they are the only ones in particular have always kept writing with the Tifinagh alphabet. Furthermore unlike other ethnic groups are nomadic.


The price includes:

- Accommodation in comfortable hotels and also in cottages or homestay for some trips.
- Support for the arrival and return to the airport.
- Supervision by a Moroccan guide graduate.
- Transfers to the scene of hiking tracks and returns.
- Meals during the trekking.
- Cook, muleteers, or camel.
Prices do not include:

- Flights return to Morocco.
- Travel insurance.
- Meals out hiking.
- Drinks.
- Tips.
- Personal expenses

Your equipment:

  1. A backpack for the needs of the day.
  2. Walking shoes shoes + water.
  3. Lightweight trousers and a fleece jacket full +.
  4. Waterproof clothing + apparel windbreaker.
  5. A hat or headgear.
  6. And other clothing of your choice.
  7. Sunglasses + sunscreen.
  8. A small personal first aid kit.
  9. A flashlight (front) + toiletry.
  10. Sleeping bag (down).
  11. Pellet of water purification.
  12. Travel bag (100 L) solid if possible.
  13. For desert: it is better for walking sandals or tinise or basquites.

Caution: Do not carry fragile things that might be damaged during the loading of luggage.

Our meals:


Consists of: coffee (Nescafe), chocolate powder, liquid milk , Lipton tea mint tea , jam 4sortes , honey, cheeses , fresh bread ...


Our chef prepares a varied salad, cheese, sardines hot dish or pasta, fresh seasonal fruit, mint tea before and after meals.


In the evening our chef regales us dishes: soups, tagines of lamb, beef, chicken, couscous, barbecue skewers, .... fruits of the season, verbena.

Held, Attitude

Respect the customs and traditions, we are going through very remote areas , people ignore our lifestyles.


The environment's ecological balance of the regions of mountain and desert is precarious.
Permanence of tourist flows, even in small groups, disturbs more quickly.
In the interest of all, each participant is responsible for the cleanliness and condition of sites where it crosses and bivouacs.
The fight against pollution should be everyone's business, even if you find that some places are already polluted, grab a lighter or box of matches to burn your toilet paper when you're in full