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About us

Moroccancircuit is a travel agency based in Marrakech. Created by three mountain guides from the High Atlas. Specialized trekking and hiking holidays in Morocco.

It also organizes tours in 4 * 4 ATV and raids throughout the Moroccan territory, or in the splendid and magnificent mountains and valleys of the Atlas on the one hand, or in the beautiful and stunning desert regions and edges Atlantic coastline on the other. 

youssef saber


Youssef Saber: Manager of Moroccan Circuit Enthusiast Toubkal and summits, Morocco Youssef knows the South as his pocket.
Mgoun Toubkal, the Dades Valley, the Valley of Roses or Essaouira, he will guide you on the track with his usual good humor.
Sensitive to responsible tourism day, he will not hesitate to stop in schools for distribution of pens and lavish you some tips to remain a "responsible" traveler..




Said was born in Happy Valley in the village of Ait Bougmez Tighza at 1700m altitude in the High Atlas, Said has worked as a mule and cook before passing the course and desert mountain guide.Graduate Centre for Training Professionals Mountain (CFAMM) Tabant (Bougmez) in 2004.Sérieux, competent, loving his profession guide, happy to help you discover the beautiful landscapes of his country, and the Berber culture.
What he wants above all is that you to leave with unforgettable memories of your stay.








Are passionate countries, Berber blood and heart, and a Moroccan Mohamed guide has a strong desire to make your stay unique and memorable trip.Are common quality: confidentiality, professionalism, experience and kindness!
But also and assisted by a team of muleteers and cooks.